3 Simple & Yet Powerful Tips For Losing Weight Quickly

By | November 17, 2016

So the New Year has rolled around and once again you find yourself making those silly New Year’s resolutions – not so much because you want to, but more-so because you feel like you have to. But as we all know, this false promise we make to ourselves won’t take off the weight that we so desperately need to lose. So if we’re going to make these types of promises to ourselves, shouldn’t we learn how to realistically make them work? After all, if we really want it to work, what we’re really going to need is a plan.

Why Losing Weight is so tough – And why it shouldn’t have To Be

Ask anyone that is currently overweight if they’ve ever attempted to lose the weight. Not only will the majority of them say that they have tried, but the majority will say that they have tried several times! So what’s going wrong with everyone? Why do we constantly say we’re going to lose weight and then never actually lose more than a few pounds?

Obviously if it doesn’t work the first time, then something went wrong; therefore, we should change something before trying again. What’s important is to remember that everyone can lose weight. Yes, that’s right. There are plans out there to help every single person lose weight. The problem with losing weight isn’t you or your body – it’s your plan.

If you want to understand how to lose weight, then throw out any preconceived notions about what you’ve heard before about losing weight. The vast majority of what people will tell you is garbage. Try to remember that weight loss advice is like a stock tip – start placing your money in what everyone tells you to and you’ll wind up broke – fast.

What’s important is that there are solutions, not only that, there are solutions that will work for you. We’ll try to describe some of the misconceptions, common methods & techniques, and describe everything you’ll need to know about how you can effectively lose weight.

Weight Loss Techniques & Common Misconceptions

  1. When it comes to weight loss and food, remember that it’s not just ‘less is more’.

weight-loss-and-foodsRemember, that just ‘not eating’ won’t help you in the ways that you think it will. Not only is it not healthy, but your body won’t respond the way you would expect it would. When you lose weight extremely quick – this is known as temporary weight loss. Why temporary? Because rapid weight loss is generally water rather than calories.

Cutting out food altogether might make you lose weight quickly, but it’ll only last a few days as well (not to mention the fact that it can hurt you). The reason you don’t lose calories for quick diets is that your metabolism will go into starvation mode and actually slow your metabolism greatly – focusing on losing water, rather than fat; therefore, it’s very important for you to diet properly.

  1. How to diet correctly.

You already know to pay attention to health foods that are low in fat, but what else should you focus upon? Calories. This is an essential since calories is probably the most important factor in dieting. If you want to lose weight, you must eat healthy foods that are low in calories.

Always ease into the diet – never try to crash diet as this tactic rarely will work. Gradually ease into it – if you love sweets, then gradually decrease your sweet intake over a couple of weeks. Always increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat and remember to focus on eating in small and frequent meals rather than 2-3 large portions.

A couple of other dieting tips include eating slowly – as this allows more time for your brain to process that you’re full. Also, always try to eat fresh food, rather than frozen, as frozen often contains unhealthy ingredients & preservatives that are aren’t good for your body

  1. Exercising is icing on the cake.

exercise-to-lose-weightAs cliché as it sounds, exercise is one thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you want to lose weight, you must at the very least jog 3 times per week. If you aren’t willing to give this a shot – you might as well forget the rest.

Not only will exercise allow you to lose weight, but it will make you feel better as well. Try your best to be consistent with exercising each week – as this will make you dependent upon it. Start off running for 20 minutes, 3 times per week. If you can increase this – that’s great as well.

If you want to ‘cheat’ a little, you may want to consider looking into a good appetite suppressant that can propel results even faster.

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